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The hottest and most popular DApp game at the moment - Fomo3D

I’m sure you’ve joined the big circle in the community.

This is an inter-generational Gambling game, and its creativity can be said to sweep all the funds in the present.

Simply put, you are charged with ETH to purchase Key. When you count down for 24 hours, the time for each key game will be extended.

Key will continue to raise prices. All Key holders will pay dividends from the back-entrant funds. The dividends can be cashed in real time. After the 24-hour countdown is completed, the person who bought the last Key can take all the remaining ETHs. go

According to DappRadar's records, Fomo3D's daily life has surpassed the currency level of the old game encryption cat CryptoKitties

↓Official homepage↓

>>>>>Incoming preparation (browser dedicated Wallet download, wallet creation, recharge)

(two choices one) mobile phone

Download DApp Wallet "Trust"


iOS can only be downloaded from the App Store and requires an overseas Apple account. Android can download APKs directly.

After the download is complete, create a wallet as shown


Mnemonic backup



Mnemonic verification, click on the top right corner to skip


After you recharge your ETH to your wallet, you can start playing.
Then enter the Fomo3D website address in the mobile browser to participate.The phone may be a little slower and you need to wait patiently.


(choose one) computer

Step 1: Download Google Chrome (please search for it yourself)

Step 2: Install the latest version of MetaMask wallet plugin (Chinese users need to use VPN)

Once the installation is complete, you can start creating the MetaMask wallet.

MetaMask's wallet creation is similar to that of the mobile phone



Click on the little fox in the upper right corner to open MetaMask and agree to the agreement.



set password


Backup mnemonic and confirm


Click on the top three dots to copy the ETH address for recharge.


>>>>>game operation

1. Open the Fomo3D official homepage with the Chrome browser with MetaMask.

Official homepage:

At this point your wallet has been automatically logged into the game.

2. The game page will display the total number of ETHs in the current prize pool, as well as the current purchase price of each key, the countdown time of the game, etc. (up to 24 hours).

3. Take the computer operation as an example. After selecting the number of keys to be purchased (1, 2, 5, 10, 100, or custom), click the “Send ETH” button to automatically pop up the confirmation page of the MetaMask wallet.


If the ETH balance is sufficient, enter a reasonable Gas, click the “SUBMIT” button, wait for the miner to confirm and complete the transaction.

4. After buying the Key, you will wait for the system to pay dividends. The player holding the Key will get the proceeds from the order of each Key in the system. The proceeds can be withdrawn at any time! Click on Vault and then click Withdraw.

5. As the game progresses, the price of the Key will become higher and higher, and the ETH required to purchase a Key will increase.

6. As long as someone buys a Key, the game countdown will increase by 30 seconds.

7. Select the right time to be the last player to buy the Key, the game counts down, and win the grand prize (48% of the ETH in the bonus pool).

8. Players can choose a team among snakes, whales, cows and bears when they purchase Key. If you are in the same team as the final winner, you will share 50% of the prize pool with all other teammates.



Now you should think about it, the snake team can take such a generous reward, definitely choose the snake team!

But please don't forget

No one knows the team that the final winner chooses—or the team that the last Key purchaser chooses.

*P3D token purchase URL


Please note that if you and the final winner are not in the same team, buying more P3D is futile.

>>>>> Game Connotation
Fomo3D is a decentralized DApp game deployed on the Ethereum network

The game-related smart contract code is completely open, and the game developer has no permission to modify and cheat the game.

Fomo3D is completely decentralized and can be run until the Ethereum network hangs

No matter how attractive the funds in the bonus pool, the system will only distribute according to the rules written by the smart contract.

1. Why buy Key?

Buying a Key means having a bonus, and the more Keys you have, the more dividends you can get from the prize pool.

Newcomers will continue to pay dividends without interruption, and dividends can be extracted at any time.

2. How to ensure that the latecomers are willing to pay a high price for Key?

When the price of Key is so high, will someone buy a Key? According to the system rules, when no one purchases the Key, the game time is counted down, and the remaining funds in the bonus pool will be owned by the last player who purchased the Key.

The remaining funds in the pool are a very impressive number, which will spur the daring players to fight.

3. When does the game end?

When the price of Key is high enough and no one is willing to buy a Key, the game countdown will not be reset. After the 24-hour countdown is over, the game is over and the last player who purchased the Key is the winner, who will win 48% of ETH. The winner takes 48% of the ETH, the community fund takes 2%, and the remaining 50% is allocated according to the team selected by the player when the Key is purchased.

4. What happens after the game is over?

It’s just that this game is over. The new game will be opened again and will be repeated.

*Note: If MetaMask has unfinished transactions, you may not be able to open new transactions. Please wait for the previous transaction to be completed or refer to the following to know that the article has withdrawn the transaction:




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